Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bryan Susilo designing the path of his own life

Inspired by words of his father at an early age, Bryan Susilo started taking his interest of enterprise and business at the age of 11. He used to be absorbed into knowledgeable sources like texts, encyclopaedias and information over internet. The words of his businessman father “You are the architect of your own life – whatever it is you want to design, create a blueprint for it, and make it happen” were etched into his brain walls and he formed his will to design the path of his life himself.

Bryan Susilo started developing his skills which would help him in his quest for being a successful businessman. Surely his hard work paid off and he started climbing the stairs of success one by one.

His skills were so developed that just at the age of 16, he negotiated for Bryan Susilo's first property without any money or any previous jobs and experience in property sector.

Today Bryan Artawijaya Susilo stands where he wanted to since an early age: a successful property investor and entrepreneur.